Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its a sad state of affairs

On this day Apple overtook Microsoft as the most valuable software company by stock market value.  If apple had sold its original mac and earlier products at PC prices all those years ago, we would have all been mac gurus.  Alas whilst the world believes that a music device with a white cord, a pc that doesnt do much for a business and a phone that has 100,000 mostly distracting downloads is important, this state of affairs will remain. Meanwhile China is building a power station a week, a city of a million people people a month, builds railroads at speeds of upto 5 km a week and has factories that make everything, its time for the white cord listeners to get back to work and innovate to make America the great country that it once was.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Office VB7 meets 64 Bit computing

One of the least publicized achievements for the teams at Microsoft is 64 bit computing.  What is that some of you might say, simply 64 bit computing is the only way that windows, office and other programs could actually use more than 3.3 gigs of memory on a Windows PC. Given that computers are now coming with 4 and 8 gigs of memory, this was obviously very important.  Anyway Office programmers,  read what my old pal from Microsoft, Frank Rice, has to say about the next version of VBA and 64 bit computing

Thanks to my other old pal and top Access programmer Rickard Olsson for bringing this to my attention. Its great to have pals, especially smart ones.

Access User Group National Seminar Thursday 27th May 2010

We are pleased to announce the line up for our National Seminar which is being held at Microsoft headquarters in Reading. As usual we will be featuring key speakers from the UK to give you expert and informative advice.

Sessions include: Access 2010, how to use data macros to their best advantage; Access Case Study:- rostering database for management of sales staff at London airports; A demonstration of an Access product which sells into the asbestos consultancy market; Access 2010 productivity in development.

Cost: £100.00 + VAT for members - £135.00 + VAT for non-members

For further information or details on how to book please contact Margaret Chamberlain on at

Converting local time to and from GMT

 Code to convert time to GMT here

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

vbMAPI - Outlook Security Evader goes 64 bit!

The first major update to vbMAPI now adds full 64 bit support when running under Office 2010 64 bit edition.

vbMAPI - Version History (scroll down to the bottom)

Whilst this might not sound like a big deal, this means two things:

#1) a 64-bit version of the developer add-in is available (as far as I'm aware, this is the first VBA7 64 bit add-in available). Both versions are installed automatically.

#2) and the native machine code stuff (Virtual-COM) now contains both x86 and x64 binaries and automatically switches between them. This means that you don't have to distribute anything differently (i.e. independence of the bitness of the Office version installed).

A lot of work went into supporting 64 bit, and this now paves the way for updating some of our other products similarly. Keep an eye out for the updates :)