Monday, April 12, 2010

MUST Express Helper

Hi Garry,
Just to let you know of our new product called MUST Express Helper which fills the need to run maintenance plans, backups and other timed activities which full SQL Server would use the SQL Agent to do.
Express Helper is a companion tool for servers running SQL Express and provides a user friendly interface for scheduling Backups, Database Tuning and executing TSQL tasks on a scheduled basis. Just like full SQL Server the backups are executed in cycling sets of files which get over-written as the cycle progresses through the set.

Express Helper comes with a .net windows application interface and is executed as a true windows service on the server, it will generate it’s own SQL Server database called ExpressHelper on the same SQL Server that you are administrating which is where it logs all activity. Any errors and a general monitoring of activity is also supported by the service writing messages into the windows application event log.

Shown below is the simple multi-tabbed .net windows application interface for controlling backups and database tune.

And below we see the windows service which the product installs for you.

MUST Express Helper is licensed on a per-server basis. I use this for my own customers and being able to schedule up sets of backups and running database maintenance plans makes server maintenance a lot simpler.

Andy Couch

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