Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Google Apps - Not So Easy

This week I had a ambition, I wanted to see if I could respond to my emails online and on a phone and then file them away into a folder so I didnt have to read them again in Outlook.  So I went to Google as the Calendar App mentioned sharing and 2 way sync. It worked pretty well except for the fact that google sync keeps trying to open Outlook even when its not open which is not so hot for backups.  The google calender online works well but looks pretty 90's. 6/10
Then I decided to move onto the Google Apps to do my emails and maybe even tasks.  Little did I know that I was heading into a product that basically would move all of my current email ISP offerings to Google and leave me making the decisions that a Microsoft Exchange manager would make. After a few hours, I gave up.  All I wanted was to sync my emails, not move the whole lot. I dont see Microsoft being too worried about google in that area yet.  2/10 or maybe a 7/10 if you hate MS Exchange and the $$$

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