Monday, November 30, 2009

Test new screen resolutions in the Workbench

One of the simplest and more useful options in the Workbench is the Screen Resolution tester. One click and it shows you the correct size of screen. Then you position your Access system on the top and test how it works at that resolution.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Newsletter - 20 more articles posted to

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Hello Access and Office Professionals and anyone else who wants to listen

This month I traveled to OfficeDevCon in Brisbane to see and hear more about the tools that I work with day and day out and I liked what I saw in Access 2010. What really stood out in the Access 2010 talks is the amount of lolly ($$$) Microsoft is putting into Access. Firstly there is going to be Access Services that runs in the Web (read SharePoint) and it looks pretty compelling. Will it take off? History shows that most New Features through last decade flopped but if this one is big with SharePoint centric IT departments, it could be a winner. Another thing in 2010s favour is that it is 2nd Generation so IT departments cannot hold off for another release.

What does look compelling in A2010 are data macros. These are macros that perform actions when data is added and changed. Imagine what 100% guaranteed calculated fields will do for making your application "quicker to write". Along those lines, Macro's themselves have been overhauled to ensure they are viable as the programming environment for Web based Access. If you have a PC lying around that you can install it on, the public Office beta is out now.

That aside, what I really enjoyed about the conference was meeting people including Armen Stein, Rob Cooper and Luke Chung who traveled long distances from the US to be with us. I hope you Aussies and New Zealanders readers can make it to the next conference in 2010.

What follows are lots more links to articles from the Smart Access collection and if you look around the site, you will find over 150 articles and editorials are online now..

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--- 2/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Handling Visual Complexity

Building a great user interface isn't simple–but the result should be. No matter how complex the task is, your users should find it easy to figure how to use your application. Peter Vogel discusses two kinds of complexity and the strategies for making things simple.

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--- 16/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Query Queries

John Viescas tackles some common problems that are faced by Access developers. Drawing on queries that keep cropping up in the Access newsgroups, John clears up some fundamental problems.

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--- 18/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# SageKey - Access Installation Done Right + Discount Coupon #

The installation is the first thing your customer sees of your application. If you want to make sure your customers have the best first impression of your Microsoft Access based software, you need an installation tool which is dedicated to this purpose.

Deploying an Access application can be daunting - especially when you don't know what software is going to be on the target machine. Of course, any user with another version of Access is going to have to sit through the reconfiguration dialog ("Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Access 2007") and then they could well be faced with "Are you sure you want to run this software".

SageKey will take the guess work out of the install and subsequent running of the application. Our tools are dedicated to this cause and as such your application will appear to be standalone from Access - no reconfiguration dialog, no macro security warnings - no hassles!

You can read more about SageKey's tools at

COUPON: To receive a special $100 (US) discount, simply enter SMARTACCESS as your promotion code on the order form.

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--- 12/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What's in a Table?

Stu Alderman explores the structure of your Access database and discusses the relationship between Access objects and System tables.

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--- 11/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Albert Does Access 2010 on The Web

If you are interested in how Access might appear in the new Access 2010 webservices, watch this video by Albert Kallal on YouTube or clearer here

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--- 18/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No Problems Boss !

In this timeless editorial, Peter Vogel discusses the No Problem Problem.

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--- 18/08/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Convert Access to SQL Server #

Upsize to SQL Server 2005 or 2008, easily repeated conversions, highly accurate SQL query translation and web form conversion.

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--- 10/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Sub-SubForm You've Always Wanted

Access won't let you have a subform within a subform if the data has to be displayed in a continuous form. But necessity is the mother of invention, and Peter Heskett found a way by using senior and junior subforms. He also shares a few other tricks for handling forms.

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--- 7/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Let Your Users Sort it Out

Chris Weber develops a solution that allows users to sort the data in their forms (or subforms) that you can add to your application easily (and spend even less time maintaining). Along the way, he discusses the characteristics of a well-designed module.

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--- 2/11/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Comparing ADO and DAO Recordsets

Russell turns his attention to the Recordset object and shows the similarities and differences between the DAO and ADO Recordsets.

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--- 20/01/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# VB123 is a Reseller of FMS Total Access Tools #

Purchase FMS Software from us and you will find yourself with the latest version of our software for almost nothing. If you head to our FMS page, you will find the option to read about and purchase FMS Visual Code Tools, Total Access Analyzer, Total Access Emailer and Total Access Detective. Also if you purchase FMS Software, you can qualify for free copies of our popular Access Workbench or Toolbox Resource kit.

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--- 30/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

VBA Thoughts By Office Blogger

Where is VBA in Office 2010. Its just the same old story which is good, nothing is dropped by the look of things.

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--- 27/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Six Rules for Effective User Interface Design

In this article, Peter returns to the problem of designing effective user interfaces for Microsoft Access. Peter provides you with six rules that you can use to avoid creating "interfaces that suck."

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--- 27/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saving Reports is a Snap

In this article, Garry Robinson presents a routine that will allow you to save Access reports directly into Snapshot format.

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--- 23/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Taming the Treeview Control

Treeviews are a common (and powerful) tool for creating Windows User Interfaces. Unfortunately, developing with the Treeview control is neither intuitive, nor easy. Doug Den Hoed provides a module that you can reuse to quickly add rich Treeview functionality to your own applications, including a form that your users can play with to create their own Treeviews on the fly!

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--- 19/05/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# The Access Workbench #

Find out who has your database open, start the correct version of Access, easy compacting and backups, change startup options, create version zip files, shutdown database all in a simple interface. We use this program a lot.

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--- 23/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Using the ADO Objects Effectively

Knowing how the ADO objects work isn’t enough. In this article, Russell Sinclair reveals some of the secrets behind using them together.

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--- 23/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dual Control - Ensure that more than one person must approve a task

In this article, Keith Bombard shows you how to implement dual control in Access to make critical operations more secure by ensuring that more than one person must approve a task.

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--- 21/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A Good Page for Word VBA

This page had some nice Bookmark information for a Word VBA project that I am working on

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--- 20/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Subquery Notes

Following up on a series of articles that have been featured over the past few months, Peter Vogel takes a look at a variety of issues around subqueries -- including those occasions when you shouldn't use a Join.

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--- 18/08/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Convert Access to SQL Server and then to .Net #

Upsize to SQL Server 2005 or 2008, easily repeated conversions, highly accurate SQL query translation, Then convert to .Net forms and reports in Reporting Services

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--- 20/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Graph to GIFs and Powerpoint

Although it's not listed in the IntelliSense dropdown list, MS Graph supports an Export method that lets you save your charts to GIF format. Doug Den Hoed shows you the benefits of exporting your chart and presents an interesting twist—using Access to create an MS PowerPoint slideshow that animates your charts.

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--- 20/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Chris Weber shows you how to let your users to zoom in and out of datasheet subforms.

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--- 19/08/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Read the latest at Garry's blog #

Read the last posts that Garry and Wayne have made on our blog. The blog now has a new layout so you can see posts that are heading into the next newsletter before it is posted. You can also find a Google Search option with a difference. The search will look at any article that I have linked to from the hundreds of blog posts of the last few years. Check the RHS of at the top of the blog for both of these features

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--- 14/08/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Workbench Help Is Online #

Following on from the massive Smart Access project, we are now rolling out online help for The Access Workbench.

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--- 30/09/2008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Access Protection and Security Book #

If you are still using Access 2000, 2002, 2003 or even Access 97, have you considered my book on Access security. Read the 15 5 star reviews at Amazon.

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--- 29/03/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Repair Damaged Access Databases # offers an online repair system for Access databases. The system is setup so that your data is encrypted before it is transmitted and in most cases, you should be able to recover a corrupt database in less than 30 minutes elapsed time.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inspirational Effort

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley crawls Papua New Guinea's Kokoda Track ten days after winning New York wheelchair marathon. Wow !!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Renaming a Bunch of Tables

I am working on a conversion database that requires linking to lots of tables in lots of databases with exactly the same tables. I then need to rename the linked tables to remove the Suffix of 1 (that appears on all linked tables that are the same) and give the new linked tables a new prefix . Here is the code to do that

Private Sub cboLive_Click()

Dim tbl As DAO.TableDef

For Each tbl In CurrentDb.TableDefs
If Right$(tbl.Name, 1) = "1" Then
tbl.Name = "MyPrefix_" & Left$(tbl.Name, Len(tbl.Name) - 1)
End If

End Sub

Here is a similar post for removing DBO prefix for SQL linking.

How Do You Link To / Attach to An Access Query

The only way that I have found to link to a Query in another Access database is using a Query and Changing the path to the database as shown in the following photos. Check out an article that I wrote on Remote Queries a while back

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Are there any Access users with SageKey experience? If so send me an email using

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