Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A data-grid control, a list-view and a tree-view control... all in one

Following from my recent post (A new method for disabling the Mouse Scroll Wheel in Access forms), I've received a lot of e-mail asking what is coming from this new DLL-less machine-code technique that I've developed. (If you haven't yet had a look at the source code, it's definitely worth a look!)

In the user comments I teased that something much larger was in the works. I've now revealed what is coming:

Think "flexible data grid control" and you aren't far wrong.

Using the native machine code technique shown in this article ultimately means that you get a new control without needing any third party DLL.

Key Features;

Supports tree views and list views natively.
Supports live grouping and sorting.
Supports HTML cells (including hyperlinks)
Supports in-built cell controls such as buttons, check boxes, combo boxes.
Supports many different data sources (including SQL/Recordset, optimized internal lists/trees, "on-demand" using VBA callback, and more)
Supports unlimited conditional formatting throughout using a built-in expression compiler for optimal performance.
Supports complex expressions in conditional formatting and for cell sources.
Supports conditional formatting for all available cell properties (not just simple Bold/Underline options like Access).
Supports auto-fit cell widths and/or item heights.
Supports variable item heights.
Supports images / pictures with a variety of transparency options (even for bitmaps).
Supports several gradient options for background fills (for cells and master control).
Supports changing the opacity of fills, allowing for a modern "bleed-through" effect.
Supports rounded corners for items and groups.
Supports the concept of bindings and expressions for all conditional formatting options. For example you can easily bind the background fill color to a field in your datasource, if you wanted to.
Supports conditional formatting inheritence (conditional formatting can be set on each display column and can inherit from a "master" defaults class)
Supports drag 'n' drop.
Supports multi-select.

Sounds interesting? If you would like to be a part of the beta team, please e-mail me now. Beta is starting very soon!


I can only offer a limited number of people to participate in the beta, so please let me know ASAP if you are interested.

Wayne Phillips

As mentioned above, if you are interested in helping beta testing this product with us, please register your interest with me ASAP.


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