Monday, October 26, 2009

The 50% Up is a Lot Less the 50% Down Rule

My last post on stock markets I promise.

Protect your self against a plunging stock market by selling a bit now. Why, because there is a good statistical/historical probability that the market may plunge again soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Office DevCon 2009

Well, only a week to go until Office DevCon 2009. Attached please find the Official Conference Schedule.

You can also download if from .

Don't forget to let your friends and colleagues know about the conference, and urge them to register at before it's too late.

Graham R Seach
Office DevCon Administrator
Access MVP

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista

First thing is to search for
"Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor"

and try it.

Then its BACKUP time............ and then you can do the upgrade (if you are game)

The upgrade process took about 2 hours from inserting the DVD on my laptop.

After the upgrade, just about everything worked, for Access developers, the ability to switch between Access versions fell back into the old UAC trap discussed here.

Once you have made the jump, virtual PC is place to run those old Apps

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Access Unlimited Newsletter October

Hello Access and Office Professionals and anyone else who wants to listen

In the last edition of this magazine, I asked the readers if you would be interested in paying for Smart Access 2007 converted content. In summary 50% of you said you would rather that we continue posting existing 2003 content and as there was not enough people willing at this stage to fork out cash for 2007 content, we will continue as is.

Here are lots more links to articles from the Smart Access collection and if you look around the site, you will find over 100 articles and editorials are online now..

Enjoy the newsletter

Garry Robinson
Microsoft Access MVP


SQL Upsizer


Smart Access

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--- 15/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The AutoExec Macro explained

Access has a starting mechanism called the AutoExec macro. This macro has been around since Access 2 and is still an important foundation for protecting your database. When your database opens, Access first processes the startup options and then looks for and runs the AutoExec macro.

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--- 15/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You Can Do That with Datasheets?

Everyone who uses datasheets knows they're powerful, but very few people know all of the things you can do with them. Michael Kaplan pulls out a handful of tricks from the unlocked Access 97 wizards that can help you really get the best of these useful items.

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--- 19/05/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# The Access Workbench #

Find out who has your database open, start the correct version of Access, easy compacting and backups, change startup options, create version zip files, shutdown database all in a simple interface. We use this program a lot.

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--- 14/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

An ADO Tutorial: What is ADO?

In this article, Russell Sinclair provides a primer on what you need to know about ADO: what it is, why you should care, ADO's relation to OLE DB, and a tour of the major objects in ADO.

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--- 9/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# The Aussie DevCon Conference Is ON #

The year the Office DevCon Conference is going to be held in Brisbane at the end of October. Here is the session link.

Office DevCon is the largest and most popular annual community-driven conference that allows Microsoft Office developers and power users to come together in one location to hear expert speakers present on a wide range of Microsoft Office-related topics.

Note that Rob Cooper, the Test Lead on the Access team at Microsoft will talking about Access 2010 and Luke Chung and Armen Stein are also making the trip to Oz from the USA.

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--- 8/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Access Answers: Tricks With Combo Boxes

Doug Steele show you how to manipulate a ComboBox to display multiple fields and how to synchronize one Combo box with another.

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--- 7/10/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SQL without Joins

If you always join tables you put in a query, then you aren’t taking advantage of one of the fundamental features of SQL. Not only that, Peter writes, but you’re also missing an opportunity to see how SQL really works.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alternative Access Buttons

With Access, the rule for buttons seems to be "You can have any color button you want, as long as it's Battleship Grey." But you don't have to be that limited: You can expand your buttons' range in color, texture, and functionality, provided that you're prepared to bend the rules a little. Paul Millennas shows you how.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Everything About AutoNumbers

AutoNumber and identity fields have some benefits—and some costs. In this article, Russell Sinclair covers just about everything you can do to manage AutoNumbers in ADO, ADOX, and DAO. Since most AutoNumber fields are used as primary keys, this is the information you need to manage your tables.

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--- 20/01/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# VB123 is a Reseller of FMS Total Access Tools #

Purchase FMS Software from us and you will find yourself with the latest version of our software for almost nothing. If you head to our FMS page, you will find the option to read about and purchase FMS Visual Code Tools, Total Access Analyzer, Total Access Emailer and Total Access Detective. Also if you purchase FMS Software, you can qualify for free copies of our popular Access Workbench or Toolbox Resource kit.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Access to Excel Automation tricks

Doug Steele looks at several techniques to use Automation from within Access to interact with Excel. By the time he's done, Doug has exported every table in his Access database to separate sheets in an Excel workbook

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--- 18/08/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Convert Access to SQL Server #

Upsize to SQL Server 2005 or 2008, easily repeated conversions, highly accurate SQL query translation and web form conversion.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Managing Access from .Net

You can automate your Access application from a .NET program–but you'd better watch out. If you're not careful, Access will unexpectedly become unavailable, for instance. More importantly, you need to be able to get rid of Access when you don't want it anymore. Peter Vogel shows how to handle both of these problems.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Undo in Sub Forms and a General Error Handle Function

Russell Sinclair looks at implementing undo in form-subform applications and then goes on to demonstrate some reusable error-handling code.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Easy Approach to Code Reuse

The hard part of code reuse has always been finding that elusive snippet of code that's buried somewhere among hundreds of modules in different databases. This article introduces an easy-to-use library add-in that allows you to quickly access your favorite procedures, plus a look at using the Windows clipboard.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Product Review: Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit

Danny explains (along with comments from Jon Sigler, Group Program Manager for Microsoft Access) why, if you plan to make your living delivering Microsoft Access applications, you owe it to yourself to consider the Conversion Toolkit's place in your practice.

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--- 20/09/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Using Access for Email Alterts

How to create Microsoft Access email is a common request. I received the following question a while back and it presented a great opportunity to show how useful Microsoft Access recordsets can be. Microsoft Access recordsets allow you to move through a set of records and use the data contained in them to perform such tasks as emailing, running reports or queries, analyzing data, etc.

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--- 29/03/2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Repair Damaged Access Databases # offers an online repair system for Access databases. The system is setup so that your data is encrypted before it is transmitted and in most cases, you should be able to recover a corrupt database in less than 30 minutes elapsed time.

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Results of Our Access 2007 Content Poll

Here are the results of our poll about what sort of content we should work on. Conclusion, keep going with Access 2003 for now.

A data-grid control, a list-view and a tree-view control... all in one

Following from my recent post (A new method for disabling the Mouse Scroll Wheel in Access forms), I've received a lot of e-mail asking what is coming from this new DLL-less machine-code technique that I've developed. (If you haven't yet had a look at the source code, it's definitely worth a look!)

In the user comments I teased that something much larger was in the works. I've now revealed what is coming:

Think "flexible data grid control" and you aren't far wrong.

Using the native machine code technique shown in this article ultimately means that you get a new control without needing any third party DLL.

Key Features;

Supports tree views and list views natively.
Supports live grouping and sorting.
Supports HTML cells (including hyperlinks)
Supports in-built cell controls such as buttons, check boxes, combo boxes.
Supports many different data sources (including SQL/Recordset, optimized internal lists/trees, "on-demand" using VBA callback, and more)
Supports unlimited conditional formatting throughout using a built-in expression compiler for optimal performance.
Supports complex expressions in conditional formatting and for cell sources.
Supports conditional formatting for all available cell properties (not just simple Bold/Underline options like Access).
Supports auto-fit cell widths and/or item heights.
Supports variable item heights.
Supports images / pictures with a variety of transparency options (even for bitmaps).
Supports several gradient options for background fills (for cells and master control).
Supports changing the opacity of fills, allowing for a modern "bleed-through" effect.
Supports rounded corners for items and groups.
Supports the concept of bindings and expressions for all conditional formatting options. For example you can easily bind the background fill color to a field in your datasource, if you wanted to.
Supports conditional formatting inheritence (conditional formatting can be set on each display column and can inherit from a "master" defaults class)
Supports drag 'n' drop.
Supports multi-select.

Sounds interesting? If you would like to be a part of the beta team, please e-mail me now. Beta is starting very soon!

I can only offer a limited number of people to participate in the beta, so please let me know ASAP if you are interested.

Wayne Phillips

As mentioned above, if you are interested in helping beta testing this product with us, please register your interest with me ASAP.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Null Post on Microsoft Access Blog

One of the very earliest tips from the Smart Access newsletters is featured on the Microsoft team blog The topic is simpler code on testing for Nulls