Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Decide - Shall I Continue With Access 2003 Smart Access Posts or Start an Access 2007 Magazine

A few weeks ago I started an online survey to see what version(s) of Access people were using and the result from 430 responses was not quite what I was expecting. In first place with 43% was Access 2003, Access 2007 was 33%, and Access 2002/2000/97 all clocked 6-8%. Access 2010 beta clocked 7 people. Another interesting stat was that 30% of the readers were using more than one version of Access.

So what does this mean ? Well to me there is only one standout, I expected Access 2007 to be less than 20% and Access 2003 to be at least 60%, clearly I have misjudged my audience a bit. So I must ask a big question from you the readers, are you willing to pay for Access 2007 content ? If so, I will divert and apply some new resources to produce an Access 2007 monthly magazine using EDITED Smart Access content as long as you, the reader, are willing to commit to paying for the content. I could also ask other Ex-Smart Access authors to write content if you want to commit to an even better magazine. So please consider the Survey above and choose what you would like us to do (please think of this as a pledge to pay rather than just a quick tick and maybe I will pay later response).

Note: I am happy to continue to post the Access 2003/2000/97 content from the 400 Smart Access articles in its original format because it helps sell the back catalog. Also note that many of the articles are VBA and will probably run untouched in Access 2007.

Garry Robinson
Editor of vb123.com/kb - The new home of Smart Access

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