Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Smart Access is Back

Two months ago I was drinking a good coffee at a coffee shop and I noticed that they had two large coffee machines. I asked the guy making the coffees why he had two machines and he explained that they had purchased an old Italian classic machine just to try and make better coffees. For that guy, making the best coffee for his customers was his passion so why not do it better.

That inspired me to try the owners of the Smart Access magazine that I used to write for one more time ( I have been trying for 3 years now) to see if they would sell me the rights to
exclusively publish the magazines. Surprisingly they said yes.

So I purchased the rights* for a good sum and now I can use the content to make a really great website. In the first instance I have reorganised all the magazines and downloads and anyone can purchase all the digitial copies of the magazines and put them on their computers. Hopefully this will make me enough money to spend a lot of time taking the best of the 300+ articles and
making them easy to find and relevant to Access 2007 and beyond.

If you interested in this great magazine, go to this page.

If you can promote my venture that would be fantastic but don't fuss too much, google "and live search" will be my best friend as I have been doing this stuff for years.

* The editions that I purchased go from the days when Ken Getz, Paul Litwin and the other Access Developers Handbook authors wrote every other month through to the time when Peter Vogel ended his reign of 10 years as editor. These were the Golden Years, 1996 -2006.

Garry Robinson
The New Passionate Owner of Smart Access


grovelli said...

Can we say, "Access renaissance"!!
That was a Smart(pun intended) move Gary :-)
Google and BING will actually now be your best friends. Oops, forgot this is a Google blog ;-)

Garry Robinson said...

The initial response thus far has been positive. It seems as though the readers remember the magazine that Peter Vogel edited very fondly.

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