Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pictures from Access 2010

Woodies have posted pictures of the Access 2010 interface. Of the most important of all those photos is that the VBA interface remains. This means that VBA will be around for a lot longer though I guess there might be some tweaks in the name of security or 64 bit support or ???

but of course everything can change from here till release date.



Brandon said...

Similar detail about Access 2010 (formerly Access 14) here:

Access Training said...

Looks like some nice improvements, especially in quick form design. I miss the quick switching between design view and datasheet/form/report view from 2003 and prior.

Garry Robinson said...

I must admit I right click a lot more in 2007 that I used to. I have an article on creating right click menus for 2007 in this article


Garry Robinson said...
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