Saturday, November 22, 2008

SQL Server Upsizer Tool Gets A Mention at MSDN

The Microsoft Access to SQL Server Upsizing tool that we are promoting has been mentioned in the very popular MSDN flash magazine. Also mentioned was a 15% discount which is available with a complementary copy of the Toolbox. You can read all about MUST plus SQL at this page.

To help you understand the SQL Upsizing tool better, I have put together a video of a presentation that I made at the Office Developers conference in Australia last week. This shows how you can take a split database, push all the tables into SQL Server, upsize Access queries into Views and Stored Procedures and relink the Front-End in one repeatable package. You will find the flash video on this page.
Note: The USA registration date problem we had with MUST+SQL last month has been resolved.


Reiko said...

I beg to differ with you. The date problem in the US is still a problem. You have not fixed it. Please fix it and get back to me. I have left you an email regarding this. If you wait too long I will be forced to use some other 3rd party software.


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