Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Style Website - New Article - I am in the Clouds

In this article, I describe how you can use an Access Database and VBA to manipulate a Web 2 application called HighRise, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool from the highly successful Web2 company, 37Signals.

and you can check out the new Expression Web website that I am building out content.

Note: The tool we use most from 37signals is their highly successful Basecamp product

Saturday, September 13, 2008

SQL Query Tree Editor for Microsoft Access


An indispensable MS Access add-in for developers who use queries as the core of their applications. Create queries using SQL templates, edit your SQL queries in a superior query editor. Keep track of the dependency relations between queries.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Disable The Aero Look

Windows Vista is here to stay so if you are purchasing a new computer, its a good skill to have. Off course it may not make you more effective but its fun trying something new but probably only on a new computer. Anyway one of the neat features is the aero look. But Aero comes a price, lots of extra resources which may not be there if you have 2 or less gigs of Ram or an older computer.

Here is an article that describes how to turn back the clock to the less hungry Windows Basic look

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where Does Access 2007 Fit In The World

An Editorial Rant by Garry

One of the important things that always seem to be missed about Access is that in all its complexity it is one single object (or file) (2 if you link). This is really easy to understand because it is the same as Excel and Word. Because people understand a file, it grows with them (and their business) and they are comfortable with the increased complexity. This is why Access can never be stomped out.

SQL Server and .Net are totally different beasts. SQL Server requires a special program to be running on computer and you have to setup your database in a special folder to make it run. Sure that is ok when it is done but how do you move the database? Who knows says the average user, better get the SQL Server expert in. No way I am doing that says the user, back to Excel it is then. As for .Net, man if you come from Excel, this isn't something that you grow into.

So it is into this world that Access 2007 is attempting to fit and becoming more like Excel is worth far more important than becoming like .Net because the BIG Excel/Word world is crying out for a simple database. This in the long run mean that ordinary people can setup basic databases for small teams of people and they will hardly know that it has happened. We should be thankful that Access was chosen for this role. Another thing we should be aware of is the simpler Access user interface may even drag those sceptical IT boffins back into Access and then the credibility of Access in the IT community may actually rise. Lets hope all those man years of research in the user labs were undertaken properly.

Garry Robinson - Editor