Monday, June 09, 2008

Compacting Has Been Reported to Delete Access 2007 ACCDB files

The Microsoft Access team has reported instances where internal Compact and Repair will delete one of the new ACCDB format files. They have also said that you can ring support to get the fix for this problem. Search the internet for "KB article 950812" for more detail.

Well first of all don't panic about this, if you are not using Access 2007, it doesn't matter to you. If you are using using Access 2007, then make sure that you have good regular backups and also head off and recover a database from those backups just to be sure (bit like eating your greens).

For all of those readers who are Access Workbench users, make sure that the ACCDB databases that you compact regularly are saved as a favorite with the backup date set to 1 day. See the picture.

And be assured that when the next service pack rolls along, this will all be fixed and if an easy patch comes along before then, I will tell you about it in my newsletters or one of the many Access MVPs will surely mention it in our maxout newsletter.

Garry Robinson
Sydney Access MVP

P.S. We are making adjustments to the workbench to make sure that you understand this issue when doing ACCDB compacting


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