Thursday, June 26, 2008

Access 2003 .MDB front-end with Access 2007 .ACCDB back-end

Now that Access 2007 uses a better encryption system for securing your data (provided you upgrade to RC4-128 as my last post suggests), as developers you might wonder if it's possible to use an Access 2007 file as a back-end to an Access 2003 front-end application.

Well it is possible, but you have to use late-binding forms (or completely unbound forms).

Read more: Using an Access 2007 .accdb back-end database in an Access 2000+ front-end application

Monday, June 23, 2008

Expression Web ~ The New FrontPage

I FINALLY got around to updating my 10 year old website using Microsoft Express Web. This site acts as my company website rather than which is my information website. Anyway the interface in Expression Web is pretty good (note that there are about 5 other expression tools) and if you are familiar with FrontPage, this is a no brainer and a worthwhile upgrade (backup your site first).

The photo page from the MVP 2008 summit may interest some readers.

Garry Robinson

Friday, June 20, 2008

SQL Server 2005 Express ~ Getting Started

What I always find the most incomprehensible thing about SQL Server is that it is so hard to actually know what to do to get started. Take Windows Vista, click on the Start button and its likely that you will see the SQL Server Configuration Manager in the recently used program list. Now as this is the only SQL server program that is obvious, you would expect that you could create a database and start doing things. Well you cannot, its simply a more fancy version of the old SQL Server Service manager for SQL 2000. It starts and stops the SQL program and does a few other administration tasks. So stop there, dont worry about it.

Type in "sql server management studio express" in the internet search engine and download that product. Install it. Now you will know the name of your Server, be able to create databases and all other things that you expect in a database backend.

Excel to Access

Over the last 13 years of Access consultancy, 20% of our work has involved converting Excel mega (muddled) systems into Microsoft Access and in lots of cases then uses those Excel spreadsheets for reports. Here are new videos from Microsoft on getting Excel in Access 2007

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Excel Automation and Windows Vista

If you find that you have the following error

Automation error
Library not registered.

When trying to run automation code in Access 2003 and Vista, you need to change the automation code to late binding from early binding.

ie This means remove the reference to Excel

Dim objXLApp As Excel.Application

and change it to

Dim objXLApp As Object

Read more

Garry Robinson

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne ~ Meet Garry

Send me an email to book a half price 90 minute meeting in the CBD of Sydney or Melbourne. Let me know what you want to chat about and definitely bring your database in for the discussion.

Topic Ideas: Your database and things like upgrade to sql server readiness, upgrade to Access 2007 or simply one of my recent online papers.

Garry Robinson

Monday, June 09, 2008

Compacting Has Been Reported to Delete Access 2007 ACCDB files

The Microsoft Access team has reported instances where internal Compact and Repair will delete one of the new ACCDB format files. They have also said that you can ring support to get the fix for this problem. Search the internet for "KB article 950812" for more detail.

Well first of all don't panic about this, if you are not using Access 2007, it doesn't matter to you. If you are using using Access 2007, then make sure that you have good regular backups and also head off and recover a database from those backups just to be sure (bit like eating your greens).

For all of those readers who are Access Workbench users, make sure that the ACCDB databases that you compact regularly are saved as a favorite with the backup date set to 1 day. See the picture.

And be assured that when the next service pack rolls along, this will all be fixed and if an easy patch comes along before then, I will tell you about it in my newsletters or one of the many Access MVPs will surely mention it in our maxout newsletter.

Garry Robinson
Sydney Access MVP

P.S. We are making adjustments to the workbench to make sure that you understand this issue when doing ACCDB compacting

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Access 2007 Encryption

Prior to Access 2007, security of passwords (database and at workgroup user level) has been a joke. Fortunately for us developers, Access 2007 is a big step in the right direction. Even more so if you follow my guide here to tighten up your encryption settings even further.

It's true that the 'one password for all' scenario isn't perfect for everyone, but it's all we've got now that ULS doesn't exist in A2007 format files. In some situations it's just fine, and most of all it's pretty darn secure as long as you use a strong password and follow my guide.

Wayne Phillips

Garry has now written a covering article on the topic here