Thursday, May 22, 2008

Video: Find Out About Using The Windows Taskbar on the side

See why its better to place the taskbar on the side in Windows XP (In my humble opinion). Ok so I was just trying to make a video :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Feel Like Getting Access Fit ~ Read on Aussies

The activity that I have enjoyed the most over the last 12 years is working with other Access developers. On many occasions I have sat down with a developer and gone over the many things that they would like to do to improve both their business and their Access software. After an hour or two the developer has gone home with a few tricks and sensible strategies to keep their software development focused. I personally love these meetings because it gives me insight into how people really use Microsoft Access and this helps my writing and my business.

So now I have decided that I want to see if there are more Australian Access developers of any skill level that would like to work with me to improve their skills. To achieve this, I considered running formal Access training classes ("now children here is a form") or having a lecture hall full of people (no that's not personable enough). After thinking about this for a while, I thought, why not be like a fitness trainer: Introduce new routines, guide people and let everybody in a small group improve together.

So if you live in Australia, send me an e-mail and tell me your name, what city you live in, tell me what you would like to learn, and whether you would be interested in one of these ideas

a) Getting together at your office or meeting me in the city with only people from your company

b) Getting together with two or three other Access people in the central business district for an hour or two

c) Getting together with 5 to 10 Access people in the central business district for an hour talk and discussion among your peers (sort of like a user group)

Please note that I would like to talk about something thought-provoking before discussing your databases and issues. Also note that my intention is to charge everyone who attends these meetings (unless you also give a talk).

So all you Aussies, send in your emails to my website for my email address and come and get fit.

Garry Robinson
Australian Access MVP

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How Would You Create A Ribbon for Access 2007

In this article, Anthony Moore shows you how you would use Visual Studio 2007 to craft a ribbon that you could modify for Microsoft Access 2007.

Read the word document here