Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Positive Spin on Access 2007

PC World has a positive spin on Access 2007 here.

My own view on Access 2007 is that if you have Access 2000 or less, its time to start thinking about it. Access 2002 is still the best version and Access 2003 was OK except for the mess with Macro Security.


Michele said...

I agree. Access XP (2002) was the best version. In fact, I used AC 2000 until just a few years ago. The worst thing MS has done in the complete redesign of the entire Office 2007 user interface.

Richard Rost

Anonymous said...

Gary ... this is what I just posted on the PC World site related to their article:
Oh Boy ....

"of the aging database app,"
Aging? Excuse me, but Access is the most widely used database application in the World!

"Previous versions of Access have forced users to deal with a dozen floating windows at once"
O.M.G. Note ... that the word Windows is ... plural ... as in *multiple*. Multiple windows in Access is beautiful thing, except for those developers who insist on Maximizing every damn window. Imagine if in say in Quickbooks Pro you could only have one window open at a time. wow!

"A Simpler Security Model"
There is NO security model in A2007. ULS (User Level Security) has been removed. It's all or none now - via a single database password.

"When you open a database, the program quietly disables all potentially unsafe macro actions and code"
Read: Your VBA code Will Not Run. An Access database without code is not a real database application!

And ... saving the rest for last ... the RIBBONS. This is the worst 'feature' M$ has ever shoved down our throats. The Ribbons take up 3X the vertical space of the Tried and True standard Windows menus and tool bars. SHAME on Microsoft for not providing a backward compatibility mode to the previous menu system!

Here is a hint - clearly indicating that Office/Access 2007 (and Vista) has NOT been embraced: Microsoft is already working on Office 14 (skipping the unlucky # 13) :-)

There is absolutely no compelling reason to upgrade to A2007 over Access 2003.

joe anderson
database architect
rancho cucamonga ca

David said...

I agree with Joe, there is no compelling reason to upgrade.

What worries me most is that MS are hiding the data project functionality in 2007 and will probably drop it later. Ac 2000 to 2003 make great tools for writing front ends to SQL server and I think that MS are just downgrading Access to a list management tool. It will be a loss.

Jim Dettman said...

I'm not so sure about Access 2003. Just ran across one nasty bug related to reports. Seems the addition of the printer object messed up a few things.

Most of my clients are still running on A2000 and are quite happy with it. Most I'm sure will remain there until their apps are replaced with something other then Access.

With the changes that Microsoft continues to make in Access (have you tried doing a custom menu with the new ribbon? Yikes), it is becoming less and less appealing to use as a development tool. Coupled with the fact that they never go back and fix bugs in prior releases, it really makes one want to find something else for development.

Of course maybe that’s the point.

Jim Dettman

Online Computer Services of WNY, Inc.

Garry Robinson said...

Good comments, cannot argue with them unless of course you are a new user of Access that comes from say an Excel background. This is the target audience for Access 2007 in my opinion and as there are 1000 excel users for every Access user, we may end up with a trickier tool to develop with bit a lot more users.

That my bit


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