Friday, February 15, 2008

Good looking forms (in less that 100 words)

I was asked how to make a better looking Access form

Generally the format these days is lighter (no bolds) and only buttons have raised the raised effect. No sunken controls. No underlined text unless it is a hyperlink

Fonts seem to look best like this (these occur on all machines that run Access)

MS Sans Serif for the field boxes and combos.
Verdana for the captions and labels but only if the form has a lot of space.
Arial if the form is pressed for space
Tahoma if space is really tight (also applies to boxes).


Gustav Brock said...

First, MS Sans Serif is shown as MS Serif ...

Then, the major advantage of MS Sans Serif is that digits 0-9 are of equal width and - even better - this width is maintained from normal to bold. This makes it extremely useful in financial reports.

Further, Arial is often not the perfect choice for screen display (as the rendering often lacks) even though it was incorporated in the original core web fonts from Microsoft. They are not for download any more but are listed here:

Vista brings some new fonts which are well worth considering for new development:

One of the very best fonts for modern use is Trebuchet MS:

which has a more human appearance.
It is strange you don't mention it as it is widely used - one example is the site you visit right now!

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