Thursday, January 31, 2008

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Want to find out a little bit about Access 2007

Martin Reid has a free book chapter telling you about what is new in Access 2007. Not a bad way to read about this topic. Better still is to find a newish PC (that doesn't matter if the old version of Access gets trashed) and install a new version of Access 2007 and upgrade your favourite database. Anyway this book chapter reads and prints well. Given that service pack one is out, there should be no more excuses about not trying Access 2007.

Click here for Access 2007 Book by Martin Reid


Annirene1999 said...

Where can I find Martin Reid's free book chapter which tells what is new in Access 2007??

Mr. Furious said...

Click the header of the posting ("Want to find out...")

Steve said...

I reviewed this book here:

逆円助 said...