Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Log Me In

I was given a demonstration of as a way of supporting Access databases on remote computers. It looked professional and my friend was very happy how it worked at many of the Access sites that he supported. He has used many of the other similar remote login tools over the years and this is the new hot kid on the block.


Anthos said...

As always, informative blog post.

I have used LogMeInRescue in my current role, and find that it is fantastic.

However, it is also a subscription service. Another option is a product that is developed by s-code that uses VNC.
You pay for a developer license, and you can then include this ActiveX control inside your MS Access Database.

By Using a reverce VNC Proxy, you can auto-generate a 4 digit code, and the client makes an outgoing connection, so no firewall modifications need to be made.

Anthony Moore

Anonymous said...

Another great remote control service is Fog Creek Copilot

You can subscribe or "pay as you go". Incredibly simple to use, works through firewalls and far cheaper than LogMeIn for a one-man-band.

For my own use I created a pair of server/remote files and just email or send a link to my client to download the remote file. Nothing to install - just run the file at each end.