Friday, August 17, 2007

SharePoint and Access 2007

Anthony, a reader wrote "How do you think SharePoint will change the MS Access front?
Do you think that they will stay separate products? do you think that there will be a migration of users and Developers from Access to SharePoint.

The one thing that I always liked about MSAccess is that it created the process of a business, it gave developers, and end users the flexibility to define, and customize their processes into a system. Now that workflow foundation is a product for SharePoint, I personally see that a lot of the prior MS Access technology will eventually head there, maybe not immediately, but I do see it as something that will happen down the road."

Garry thoughts "Whilst I have only a bit to do with SharePoint, it is very important to understand that Microsoft put a lot of effort into making Access the primary Office 2007 vehicle for interfacing and programming SharePoint. I believe that Access will loose a few customers to SharePoint lists but will make up the same and maybe more by the ability to link to SharePoint lists. So I don't think we should be to concerned because in we now have a way of using a rich development tool (Access 07) with SharePoint thru linked tables. i.e. we now can reach a wider audience. Trust me, Access forms with tabs and subforms and the new interactive '07 reports are still way more flexible than similar offerings in SharePoint"

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