Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Other Insert Query

If you turn an insert query from design view into SQL view, it will look like this

INSERT INTO participants ( projectid, person )
SELECT 1002471 AS Expr1, '1453703' AS Expr2;

Now the select statement is a bit ugly for a single line entry. Following is a more elegant way to add values.

Insert into participants (projectid, person) values ( 1002471,'1453703')

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

User Interface In Office 2007

Find out about the 10 different user interface elements in Office 2007 as follows
The Ribbon
Tabs, contextual tabs, program tabs
The Office button
Live Preview
Enhanced ScreenTips
The Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Making an image behave like a button

Sometimes you want to make a button with a favorite (small) image and you don't have a bmp file or a ico and cannot make one. In this case add the image that you want to your form.

Set the following properties on the image,
size mode = stretch (if the image is too large)
special effect = raised
name = "Something meaningful"

Now setup the following code for the onclick event.

Private Sub fetch1_Click()

'Make an image behave like a button
fetch1.SpecialEffect = acEffectSunken

YOUR CODE HERE (ie docmd.openform )

fetch1.SpecialEffect = acEffectRaised

End Sub

Here is a sample of an image as button

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google Gears API Developer's Guide - Home

Here is the information on Google Gears, a very beta version of local software that includes a database.

Google Gears API Developer's Guide - Home

SQLite home page

Google has snuck out an announcment for local PC development called Google Gears.
Here is the database that they are using.

SQLite home page

Implement User Preferences in MS Access

This article by Danny Lesandrini shows you how to use the registry (simply) to save and retrieve user preferences.