Thursday, September 30, 2004

Access 2008

This blog has been setup so that developers and power users of Microsoft Access can continue to blog your great ideas for the next version of Microsoft Access plus one. To entirely second guess Microsoft, we are anticipating this will occur in 2008. Anyway the important thing is that this is a place where you can have your say early for that version because Microsoft needs about 3 years before release date of Access if they are even going to contemplate an idea. After a year or two, Peter Vogel and I will sweep these ideas together and send your ideas off to people at Microsoft who may actually pay attention to the list. Our last list of requests from users numbered 220 ideas and maybe this time around we can come up with a similar list. The article on this topic will probably appear in Smart Access at the end of 2004.

Remember if you don't bring up your great idea, don't complain if it doesn't turn up.

Garry Robinson
Contributing Editor for Smart Access
Author of Microsoft Access Protection and Security published by Apress.